My Portfolio Vignettes

Our lives in a jail

I wanted to get out from a coal mine. I wanted to stop mining coal. Before I started to work in the mine, my parents had told me how to mine coal everyday. I hadn’t known what it would happen to me, and had learned how to mine coal. I haven’t been in a jail, but I think a jail is like the mine where we worked. I wanted to feel rich’s life. I was 10 years old when I started to work in the mine, and I was working like this. My skin and cloth were dirty. My cough was going to be nasty. I wanted to get out from this hell. I wanted not to wear the meal stained cloth. I wondered what kinds of clothes they wore. Also, I wondered what food they ate. I imagined what I would feel if I would wear their clothes and eat foods that they normally ate. I didn’t understand why we had to begin working at early morning.

Our paradise

I and my family wanted this word called ‘Immigration’. I and my parent waited and endured. There would be our biggest paradise for us. My dad called me and my mom to tell us an important announcement that he decided to immigrate. He discussed with the boss of the factory if he and his family were allowed to resign from the factory. The boss had tried not to let my dad, so he decided to immigrate to America. Our lives in England were like living in a jail. I was very excited that we would immigrate to the paradise when I heard the announcement. I started to imagined what it would happen if I started to live in the paradise. The day when we started to immigrated came, and our most important moment started.

Our escape

I wanted to lead my son and wife, so our immigration would be successful. Guards who work in the factory woke up us at 4 AM. They began to woke up the laborers who work in the factory at 3:30, So we had to wake up at 3 o’clock. We came next to the only gate of the jail. We couldn’t see guards. There were only us. We climbed the gate, and we were outside of the jail. As soon as we climbed, there was some light like the sun far from my family. It was a guard who was hold a flashlight. I and my wife and son ran away like a horse. I was caught, and my wife and my son ran away first. I’ve worked in the jail since 10 years ago. I don’t know and I want to know how they are living. This is my only wish.