As a reader, I have learned features of character. Because author  explaned features of character so I can understand. For example, I chose this piece because it looks so easy and so funny. I realize because if I know about what a character  does it will help me understand the story. 



As a writer, I have learned prefix and surfix.

I chose these because I wonder for surfix and prefix and I think surfix and prefix are important.

I realize surfix is taking word back and prefix is taking word in front.

My goal is finding very hard surfix and prefix.



As a science I have learned science about food chain.

For example,  I chose food chain because when I went ranthambore, I think about food chain and food chain is very cool.

I realize about if tiger is very hungry, it founds another animals.

So tiger hunts them.

My goal is I must look how some animals hunt another animals.

This is my goal.  


I chosed model with mathematics because I think the model look the easiest how I answer problem.

So I chosed model with mathematics.

If I don’t know model, I can’t answer math problem.

So I think many people must know the model because model will be easy about calculate.

And my goal is practice more math.


SLC introduction

Dear mom,

Thank you so much for coming to this conference.

This past week I have found examples of my work.

As a learner, I will try to get  better  at reading.

I have made many friends at AES.

Today, many of your questions about my school life will be answered.

I hope that you will create more questions for me and perhaps answer a few yourself.



Tinker time

 At Tinker time I want to play card game with my friends but any people didn’t like to play card game so I did another things. I just looked some people’s movie. But this to unfunny. Then I talked with my friends. If I played game, teacher will angry so I didn’t play game. Talking with my friends is the funniest. Or if I played card game with my friends, I will the best in Tinker time.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Hangyeol March 4, 2016